Krapopolis: Sale Ended Slot 6

Krapopolis: Sale Ended Slot 6

Dionysus, the god of wine, theater, and fertility, also has a knack for driving mortals insane. And now, this power extends to certain Krap Chickens as you gain the ability to upgrade your Krapper with the mesmerizing 'Pink Eye Glow' trait. However, eligibility requirements apply, as follows: Krap Chickens with 'Eyes: None' and/or 'Eye Patch: On' are immune to Dionysus's influence and ineligible for this upgrade. Don't miss out, Koop Troop! You have until October 15th, 11:59PM PT to embrace the madness of Dionysus. Get ready to be enchanted!

All purchases are final and the upgrade is non-transferable once you submit the Krap Chicken ID(s) you want to upgrade. Ineligible Krap Chicken IDs submitted that do not satisfy the criteria above will have their Krapeggs forfeited, so make sure to enter in the eligible IDs! Once the upgrade is applied, the eyes of your selected Krap Chicken(s) will change to depict the Pink Eye Glow trait, the metadata will be updated to reflect a new trait category, "Eye Upgrade" with the trait item being "Pink Eye Glow" and the upgrade level under the "Stats" metadata will increase by one. (Did you know? Each Krap Chicken may be leveled up to 10 times!)
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After purchase, please visit the Purchase page to redeem your discounted Krap Chicken! Show off your Krap Chicken on Twitter using #Krapopolis.
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