Krapopolis: Sale Ended Slot 1

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The popular "Straw Frame" trait upgrade from our recent promotion is now available for purchase via KRAPeggs! 100 will be available then it is gone... FOREVER. The best part? This will also level up your Krap Chicken! Better hurry as this sale ends on April 7th, 2023 11:59PM PT with NO restrictions on how many you can purchase, while supplies last. Note: The upgrade will be applied to your Krap Chicken(s) approximately 72 hours after the sale ends. It cannot be applied to Krap Chickens with the Straw Frame trait already in place (i.e. no additional "leveling up"). All purchases are final and the upgrade is non-transferable once you submit the Krap Chicken ID(s) you want to upgrade. Once the upgrade is applied, the borders of your selected Krap Chicken(s) will change to depict the Straw Frame art, the "Frame" metadata trait will be updated to reflect "Straw Frame" and the upgrade level under the "Stats" metadata will increase by one. (Did you know? Each Krap Chicken may be upgraded up to 10 times?)
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